Monday, October 09, 2006

2006 East Coast Barista Jam

Finally a move in the direction of consistent Philly-wide espresso goodness!

Local coffeehouse Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea and NY coffeehouse Coffee Labs are putting on the East Coast Barista Jam, which according to the, is an event aimed to:

- Provide customers with higher quality espresso beverages

- Learn more about coffee

- Learn how to maintain your equipment for long lasting use
- Help your staff with customer service issues

- Help your business grow

From what I gathered from other sites as well, is that the event (mostly) targets currently established baristas and coffeehouse owners to better refine their skills so that the best coffee is not just a pipe dream for quality-famished customers.
They'll have several of the area's finest baristas doing Q&A and assisting in developing your finer skills, so it will prove to be most worth the time.
*note: this is not to say that if you're just interested in the finer things of espresso, you can't go. I would still definitely attend if I were you, as long as it's not too late to register.

The whole event falls in coordination with the Fresh Cup Roadshow, which doesn't seem to cost anything (?) though I didn't really investigate. But even if the roadshow does cost a little dinero, it would be worth it for most coffee fans.

Oh, and it's in Cherry Hill, an area with no decent coffeehouses (to my knowledge). Ironic, no?

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