Monday, August 21, 2006

CC: Beans Coffee Shop

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Beans Coffee Shop

Location visited: Woodstown, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

CLOSED as of 8.24.11

Woodstown belongs to the part of South Jersey that most people don't accidentally run through. A pretty town yes, but until I knew people there (my church pastor and his family), I had no reason to travel there.

Anyways, I ran across Beans before it opened. I was driving through on the way to a church picnic and saw that Woodstown was getting a coffeehouse right on its Main St. I'm always happy to see another coffeehouse spring up (though I pray that it won't go the route of "corporate charcoal" or "all music and horrible coffee") so I made a point to stop back in a few months to inspect.

Sure enough, I stopped back a few weeks after it opened. The decor is comfortable, though seemingly lacking a theme (I'm no interior decorator but it seemed off to me). A thing that did stand out was that
they actually had an "adult seating area", a rarity in coffeehouses (though I'm not sure it's a need in many). The baristas seem to consist of mostly high school students; fortunately it looks like they know what they're doing (i.e. had some training).

They serve Kaffe Magnum Opus, a coffee roaster out of Millville. The coffee tasted decent, though I don't think amazing. Last cup I had was a little stale, but that is more the brewing method then the actual coffee. The espresso was good, with just the right zing, but once again, no shockwaves. The tea and chai I cannot recollect.

Overall, if you're in Woodstown, it's a nice spot to sit and have {your favorite beverage here}, but coming from Glassboro it's definitely not a realistic trek (unless you're going to visit your pastor).

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