Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Simplifying Good Coffee & Tea

Many places still lack good coffee and tea, even in the big cities. To avoid confusion about what I mean, let me define the terms.

When I say good coffee, I mean:
- freshly-roasted
(brought to the establishment from the roaster within days of roasting)
- correctly-roasted
(not burnt charcoal or under-roasted)
- not deceptively blended
(some places will try and sell a "Kona coffee" or "Jamaican Blue Mountain" when in fact the coffee has but 3% of the advertised java blended with 97% of other Arabica or Robusta beans)
- correctly brewed and maintained
(not left on a hot plate, not stale, not lukewarm, brewed with good water, etc.)

And when I say good tea, I mean:
- freshly stored
(not sitting out in the open, left to the elements)
- not stale
(from not being freshly stored, poorly packaged, etc.)
- correctly brewed
(water of the right temperature, brewed with good water, correct steeping time, etc.)

Now I know that most people cannot afford the time and effort of preparing good coffee and tea all the time in their homes, but businesses who profess to specialize in this arena have no excuse. A coffeehouse should have educated and willing-to-learn leaders, trying to perfect their product.

I'm no bonified expert, just one who is learning more everyday. Yet in this matter, I merely echo the sentiments of the real expertise.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bill.
I found your Blog when I googled "Mullica Hill Coffee"
I was just curious to see if my cafe popped up. Mine did not however SIT and CM did. I am the owner of EmJay's Cafe at 2 south main street in Mullica Hill. I would love for you to stop by for a cup sometime. Criticism, whether it be positive or neagative, helps anyone grow...especially the owner of a coffee house. check out our web site if you wish at
Thanks and hope to see you sometime

Bill said...

i'll be sure to stop by in the near future...

Coffee Mania said...

Your definition of good coffee is simply the best I've ever read online... kudos to you.