Monday, June 26, 2006

CC: Stir It Up Coffeehouse

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Subject: Stir It Up Coffeehouse
Location visited: Mullica Hill, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 1+ [see key]

*CLOSED as of 7.29.10*

bout a summer or two ago, I ran into this small joint on the main street of Mullica Hill. With the word COFFEEHOUSE emblazoned across the front, it looked promising. My impression was only half right.

The atmosphere was (and still is) amazingly decorated. A tasteful bohemian environment, Stir It Up offers a house's full bottom floor for the coffee bar and seating, ranging from large round tables to comfy living room couches. Local art (for sale) adorns the walls and they even have a beautiful back patio.

But their beverages are their downfall. When I first came I had struck up a conversation with the owners, who were open beginners to the concept. They seemed eager to learn the business but it seems they've fallen behind on their studies. I've visited numerous times over the past year or two and each time it's the same sad drink. And it's not complicated stuff either; things like stale, luke-warm coffee, spoiled milk in a latte, and ignorance of their own products (if your baristas don't even know what an americano is, never mind how to make it, then they need a couple more days of supervision before working solo).

For the sake of noting it, I think the brand of coffee is Kaffe Magnum Opus, the espresso I'm not sure (probably just a dark roast of the coffee), the tea is random, and I've never personally had the chai (though friends have and didn't care for it at all).

They also have what seems to be a flourishing music scene, albeit a high school and below crowd (who also seem to largely make up the staff), but very consistent nonetheless.

Overall, if you like cozy atmosphere and a poor cup of coffee, this place is for you. Otherwise, there are better places near by.

*Update 9/27/07
Stopped in the other day. Doesn't seem like much has changed. Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

You don't know a good cup of joe then, STIR IT UP IS THE ONLY PLACE TO BE AT!!!!!!!!! no better place around, hence why they are BEST OF SOUTH JERSEY 3 years in a row, and best of the south in NEW JERSEY magazine. Open your eyes.

High Schoolers need jobs too, they bring the customers unlike people like you.

delicious muffins and the chai is actually to die for, i crave it daily.

the owners rule. even in this tough economy they are still positive and trying to pull it together.

they take suggestions, but you...your knocking things youve never even tried.