Here follows a list of coffee resources. If you see something missing (as there are many not yet on this list), feel free to let me know

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Doppio Coffee 

Coffee Blogs
Arizona Coffee
Chicago Coffee Scene
Coffee Adventures
Daniel's World of Coffee
Dear Coffee, I Love You
My Daily Coffee
Nordic Coffee Culture
Oliver Strand - NYT
The Shot

Coffee Non-Blogs
Barista Magazine
Brew Methods
Coffee Forum
Coffee Geek
Coffee Review
Espresso Map
Foodspotting: Philly Coffee Guide
Fresh Cup Magazine
Good Coffee Map (UK and Ireland)
Great Infusions
Imbibe Magazine
Nordic Espresso Map
Roast Magazine
Tim Wendelboe Map

Dormant Entities
Coffee Llama
Coffee Krave
Clean Hot Dry
Damn Fine Joe
Diners Without Frosted Tips
Kind Brew
Man Seeking Coffee
On the Road to Epiphany
Putting Weird Things in Coffee
Seattle Coffee Scene
Texas Coffee People
The Coffee Maker


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Coffee Lover said...

Is it possible that you add to the list. We are just a small uk blog, but we review lots of the best coffee maker machine on the market, plus publish related coffee articles too. many thanks.

Doppio Coffee said...

Great list. I was hoping you'd consider listing Doppio Coffee. We have a new blog coming out soon and it will be a great start. Thanks for your time.

Decafglobal said...

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Anne Katie said...

Thanks for sharing very useful resource. It really helps for coffee lovers like us!

Nadia Scheffer said...

Nice list of coffee resources you have there. We recently put together a coffee website for coffee lovers to provide news, reviews and buying guides. It would be great to make your list...feel free to check it out!